Help with API "format"

Hello fellow bubblers!

I started learning bubble a few months back to test an idea and finally came across one of the final parts of building a MVP, I just need a little help understanding one of our APIs (I really don’t know anything about coding, APIs are new to me)

So, my question is:

All the APIs i built in the past tests look like this:

I managed to built them with the Bubble suport and tuorials whitout any problems. Now, i have to do another one that has 2 diferent formats that i’m not used to


On the Documentation, these formats are named “Java” and “Javascript”, inside the “rest api tutorial” session.

but when i do the regular api routine (copying and pasting the line of code, inserting the authentication and changing fields to dynamic data), it returns the following error:


Can anyone with a little bit more experience help me with this one? Am i missing something with this chunks of code above and bellow the fields?

Thanks for the help and for the amazing community that you guys have built! (And sorry for my terrible english)

Am I correct in assuming you’re trying to do this with JS opposed to https requests via plugin builder or api connector?

Can you provide the api documentation and call you’re trying to connect?

Hey Chris! Thanks for the help!

I’m trying to create the call using the “Bubble API connector” plugin.

I can provide the documentation, but it’s written in portuguese, so i don’t know if it will help you.

Im trying to do the “envio” under the “NFCe” session.