Help with Checkout Functionality

Hi Bubble Community! New to bubble, love the possibility, but struggling a bit.

I’m teaching myself by building an ecommerce site (will look to launch eventually!). My issue is displaying the Cart items on the checkout page. I’ve built a product upload page, search and add products to the cart page, and a checkout page. On the Checkout Page, I have a repeating group that is meant to show the Cart items added in the search page (built as a List of Orders). But the closest I get is having some “Lorum Ipsum” text shown. I’ve tried so many versions of getting hte order to show, but no luck.

Site for Reference:

Any help would be super appreciated!

Hi @chris23,

If you’re seeing Lorum Ipsum, it means that data is not passing correctly.

I’d suggest using the debugger tool in “step-by-step” mode. That is, you’ll be able to see exactly how data is passing. You should notice somewhere in your flow where data isn’t passing to the checkout page, which is why you’re getting the lorum ipsum.

If you need 1-on-1 help, i’d be happy to schedule a session with you and walkthrough your app with you (


Thanks Tal, I appreciate the reply. I certainly didn’t make use of the debugger tool. I fixed it with the step-by-step. Cheers!