[New Plugin] Stripe Checkout (w/shipping!) 🛒

Hi All,

I just published a small, but hopefully helpful Stripe Checkout plugin. I couldn’t wait until Bubble published there’s. :wink:


  • Up to 5 line items (can bump up if needed)
  • Supports Payment type
  • Supports Subscription type
  • Supports Promo Codes
  • Supports Shipping

Link to Plugin:

Link to Demo:



I can’t fiigure out how to have more than 1 line item for subscriptions! Ideally, I would need up to 5 subscription line items, and 15 invoice line items (for the first invoice of a sub)


Hi @gpxstream,

Currently this isn’t possible in the current version, but I will look into adding this very soon!

New action available - Checkout using Multiple Subscriptions (Upgrade your plugin to 1.2.1 - then refresh editor)

This action allows you to subscribe your users for up to 5 subscriptions in one checkout session.

Check the demo to see it in action.

cc: @gpxstream (More coming soon on your request)

Thank you!

In case anyone else runs into this…

Here’s our page:

Our product comes with a few “invoice items”, and at least one subscription, but can also include SIM cards which are charged monthly (you’ll see those if you select the “Lite” subscription)

I got it to work by using Toolbox and “Run javascript” script step instead in the meantime - here’s a JSfiddle of the code. After this runs, I have a “JS to Bubble” element that stores the session ID and triggers a “Start stripe checkout” with it


I generally prefer going the supported plugin route rather then my own JS since I mostly hack around with code snippets I find online and minimal JS knowledge, so I don’t even begin to know if I’m following best practices!

Hi Lantz
I am trying the plugin on my app, unfortunately, I faced an integration error on the start stripe checkout session action. the value should be string but it is null.

please check the integration as i followed exactly the settings you used on your demo editor.

Hi there,

Can you send screenshots of your setup? The demo is still working, so might be something overlooked in your app.

Hi Lantz

Please find it below:

Thank you. Can you send me a screenshot or the plugin settings, you can blur out your keys. I just need to see the first few letters on it.

Yes it is below

Thank you. All seems ok to me. Would you happen to have a test page I could see to reproduce the issue? Editor and preview. View only should be ok too.

Hi Lantz

i have tried to run the debugger, the error was because of the payment method showing empty. when i removed the text (card) and retype it again the plugin worked. i dont know why lol but this exactly what happened.

How weird! Glad it’s sorted out now. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions. :slight_smile:


thank you lantz
only trying to use wechat pay, it seems there is a required parameter not included.

“{\n “error”: {\n “message”: “WeChat Pay requires payment_method_options[wechat_pay][client] to be set to web.”,\n “type”: “invalid_request_error”\n }\n}\n”

I see. I will look into this first thing tomorrow when I’m at my desk.

Hi Iantz
please advise how to show the checkout page inside a popup, I tried to open the body url inside iframe element located inside a popup but the checkout page is not loading. is there a way? because for our user experience better not leaving our website.
thank you again for your support.

Unfortunately Stripe does not support this method.

Hi Iantz
is it solved for Wechat pay?


Should be solved now

Hi @lantzgould Im getting the same error message as above; The plugin Stripe Checkout / action Start Stripe Checkout threw the following error: o@https://js.stripe.com/v3/:1:55044
n@https://js.stripe.com/v3/:1:12097 (please report this to the plugin author)

Tried a few different things with the same setup and nothings working. Could you take a look please?

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