Help with Creating Lists and shopping Cart set-up

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Bubble and I am still trying to figure things out. I am at ground zero so far, nothing has been created on the page. What i want to do is create a list of 5 cells, with different elements on each cell e.g.
Living Room

For each cell i want to assign a specific price e.g. Living Room price=x, Kitchen price=x, Bathroom price=x, Bedroom price=x, Balcony price=x . Also i want to add an add to cart button (next to each cell) so that each element/price is added to add to cart, and the checkout process can continue after.

Do I have to use a Repeating Group?
How can you create different cells within a Repeating Group?
What Type Data should I Create for these elements?

I’m lost and cannot figure this out.
Any help is welcome!!