HELP needed please - Creating shopping cart

Hi Bubblers!

As this is my first forum message, I’d like to thank @emmanuel and the whole Bubble team for making such a great tool that can help us, non-developers, to create some cool apps! :slight_smile:

On the topic, I’m creating my first app, went through so many tutorials (videos, docs, forum topics…) but I just can’t get my head around it… I do not know how to setup a DB, I have followed some tutorials but it looked like I did not have the same options as in tutorial. I must have done some wrong steps but I could not find them…

Here’s the case.

  • I’ll have a database of users of the app (I have already built the interface and all the logic for it, it works great! Added social networks logins, specific fields, etc…)
  • I’ll have a database of products. Products will have several prices depending on the physical stores from which I’m collecting the data. I’m not sure how to manage that in the DB - as separate columns in table or as a list of prices?
  • The user will search and list the products (I did it with Repeating Group and Fuzzy search and autocorrect plugin - thanks @dambusmedia !). I’m creating categories and filtering by it. I plan to create filters based on selected stores too but that can come later.
  • The list of products should show minimal and maximal price for that product.
  • The product in the list is clickable, so it opens up additional info about the product and shows all prices per stores (Product pop-up).
  • The user should have +/- option in the list, in each product cell, as well as input filed if they want to enter the amount of product instead of clicking + sign several times. This should also be present on Product pop-up. By doing this, the user will fill in his shopping cart.
  • Shopping cart should be “presentable” as Repeating Group where it should have similar options to increase/decrease amount or completely remove the product from the list.
  • When on Shopping cart view, the user should have an option to create a Shopping list out of his actual Shopping cart. All the Shopping lists should be saved as some kind of history so user can see them later on…

Additional planned features:

  • Users can share the Shopping Lists among them by entering the other user’s email address.
  • Users can publish their Shopping Lists to the public environment, where some other user can pick it up.

If someone can help me with creating Shopping Cart and Shopping Lists that would be great, then I’m sure that I could advance further with some of these additional features that I was mentioning. I just do not know how to start, how to setup the whole database in order for this to work. :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alex,

I develop everything inside Bubble. I use some plugins available directly on the platform. I would not like to have external code as I believe in the power of Bubble and this is also the way to learn about it as much as I can…

Initially this is planned to be wrapped into a mobile app (with some tools like GoNative or similar). And when I finish the functionalities I think it will be easy to expand it into a web site too.

For now I need help with functionalities, I can handle design on my own.


Airdev widgets may help you.

By the way thanks to all Airdev team


Thanks @eren ! This should be very useful!
I’m just not sure how to copy the whole element but I will find it out :slight_smile:

1 Like Here’s a video demo on how to copy the widget:


AirDev | Custom software for everyone


Hi @stephanie !
That was a very helpful video! I’ve managed to do it and now I’m editing it a little bit to suit my needs, i.e. my product repeating group needs to be one column.

I also plan to implement counter instead of blue circle in the cart. I think it would be great to have number of products shown, as well as total value of cart.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help and big thank you to whole AirDev team for providing excellent additions to Bubble!

EDIT: you have missed installation of one plugin in your video - AirAlert - probably because you already have it :slight_smile: but I though it would be good to mention it for those looking at this topic.

P.S. I have implemented counter and total value of the cart. It was easy. :slight_smile:


Hi there !
I picked up this topic hope someone will see this :slight_smile:
I’m wondering, is it possible to implement delivery fee on this pluging ?

best ! M-R