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Hi Guys
I am creating a software where a user has one company now in the first group a sign up the user on the second one I am creating a company with 2 field name and user the value of the name comes from the input name and for the user I am adding the current user to the list of user in my company data field …now when i am trying to add the company to my current user through making change to the current user the system is not working…any advise???

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 2.28.26 AM

Change the Customer field to be a list of Users and it should work

But I am not working on that im trying to connect the user table with a company table and company table with its info like a user working for one company which has specific infos I do not know if I make sense sorry:)

You are trying to connect a user table to a company table; I know this.

You have a company table with a field titled ‘Customers’ however it is set to be of type company, which is the problem as I pointed out with the screen shot of the database set up you currently have.

You can’t tell a data type of company to keep a list of companies on it and expect it to return a list of customers even if you title it customers.

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