Help with date range (Today and tomorrow)

Good friends, I hope you can help me.

I am making a medical appointment booking app, and I have a dashboard where the “Upcoming doctor appointments” appear.

I would like the appointments with a start date of today to appear as “Today” and those with a start date of tomorrow to appear as “Tomorrow” .

I thought I solved it as follows:

But suddenly I discovered that some appointments scheduled for the 24th and 30th of this month appear as “Today” and “Tomorrow” and I don’t understand why.

In fact there are intermediate dates that appear correctly, I think it is a Bubble error. Can someone help me?

It shows where Today = “Hoy” and Tomorrow = “Mañana” and in “Motivo” I put the registered start date for better understanding:

I know there is a possibility to filter by date range, maybe that’s a better solution but I haven’t got a clear example anywhere on how it works.

I appreciate your help, greetings!

@moralesjtr - dates can be hard to understand and work with initially.

When you’re using extract day, you’re basically asking “is this Sunday?”

What you want to do is ask “is this today or tomorrow relative to current date?” - rounding down to day gives you the start of the day for that particular date.

For your current problem you can use the rounded down equals… calculation. - e.g.


buena suerte

Oh thanks brother!! Greetings!

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