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Help with Displaying JSON on Screen

Im trying to demonstrate request and response JSON data from an External API call.

Essentially I want a button click to make the API call and just show the RAW data (Pretty Print) on a Textbox or HTML box (or any element that can do it). I cannot figure out how to make this work, even tried some plugins.

This is what it would look like

Use Api-connector plugin to configure your 3rd party URL and get the response (Data Type is Action).

Add new button element on bubble page, from thie workflowaction add above action to get response and save as custom state.
Use above custom state to show into textbox or html element.

Hi there,

I really appreciate your response. I cant seem to get it to display inside the HTML or Textbox.

Any feedback on what I may be doing wrong? Heres a screen shot of the flow. The data looks correct I set the API to return Action, created new state to return value of EmbedApi-WhoAmI

Have you set the input of the textbox to be the state?

It should be. When I created the custom state I set the API call

Can you show me the input box where it currently shows ‘Edit Me’ on the main bubble design page?

I think you need to set the dynamic text in here to the state you’ve created

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Yes, you are correct! I needed to set the dynamic input as the elements state

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