Is there a way to dump API data on a page?

I am not a fan of the debug tool and the API call I am working with returns a lot of data. It is hard to scroll around and see what I want to see in it. I also have to look at the call over and over as I am working on record pagination with many variables…

I would prefer to dump the data in a text area at the base of the page. However, I tried referencing the raw data element in the list of items it returns and it is always empty.

Is there a way to dump the JSON object on the page easily?

If the API returns the data in JSON and you initialized it as text and you have your API set to run as Action, then you can put a group with a text element inside, make the group data type be of type text, then have the text element dynamic expression reference parent groups text.

Then run the workflow action to run your API call, and in subsequent step do a display data action to the group container and send the result of previous step API result.

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