Help with full width screen

Hi, I’m completely new in the Bubble community :slight_smile: (I have no-code experience, but not with Bubble)
Therefore I have maybe a stupid question, but how can I make the screen full width?
My screen has always this format:

I watched a tutorial but the field “make this element fixed width” doesn’t exist in my editor.

Can somebody help me:)?
Best wishes,

First step will be to move to new responsive engine. Upgrade and you will have a lot more options to configure your layout!


Ok thanks, how can I move to this engine?

Click on the responsive tab and you will have a button to upgrade

Sorry, I’m very lost, I know, but can you maybe send a screenshot of it?

Is this from a template?

This is what you should see if you can upgrade

and there will be a new tab in element that will be “Layout”
So seem you are on the old engine but cannot upgrade.

Ok, that’s weird. Is there any other way to get the upgrade? I don’t even have to current view underneath it.

I think I already have the new engine

The second picture in my first message was a screenshot from the youtube video, because there is a toggle called “make this element fixed width” which doesn’t exist on my version.

haaa… This screenshot show the new responsive engine. Click on the layout tab and you will have options to configure the page with a different setting.

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