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Probably a simple solution but I can’t find it. I have an input box and I want it to read the results of either one of two drop down menus. So in fact the user can select either drop down menu and the result of their choice will always end up in the initial content of the input box. I am trying to find the solution so it comes in the initial content of the input box.

Example below

Drop down menu 1
or = initial content of input box
Drop down menu 2

Any one fancy the challenge - I am desparate as always.

Many thanks


Make a custom state on the page with the same type as the input box (text?), set the input box’s initial content to the custom state

Then add a “When input’s value changes” event for Dropdown 1, set the custom state to This Dropdown’s value (assuming the value is also text). Then copy/paste the workflow but change it to Dropdown 2

The way initial content works is as soon as someone types in the input box, it will no longer auto-update with initial content. If you need it to override the value, you need to put the input inside a group, then add a “Reset group/popup” action resetting the parent group before setting the state so it forces it to update.

If your dropdown’s also have initial content I don’t think this will work because it won’t trigger the workflow, plus how do how do you want to handle both having values at the same time

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HI, thanks for the advice but it does not seem to be working. Firstly its a date (just in case that makes a difference) but Ive set up both states as a date.

Secondly I cant get the input box to see the set up state. Any advice - maybe you could do a step by step for me (me being new to this). So sorry for my ignorance but your hrlp really appreciated.


Ignore the below message - I was very tired last night and was not reading your message properly. Its working perfectly - thanks very much for the help. It was spot on.


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Glad you got it working! For future Bubblers who stumble across this thread, could you mark @tylerboodman post as the solution? Thanks!

Me all the time :joy::sleeping:

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