Help with MCQ quiz site displaying questions

Hi everyone,

Hoping to get some help from someone with a little more experience on how to build an online MCQ quiz platform to teach medical students anatomy. On the site people should be able to choose a category e.g. thorax, abdomen, previously failed MCQs etc. and then to answer several questions in a random order from their chosen category.

Current state:
I have built a first draft of the database whereby admin can upload: a question, choose/create a category, write 5 answers (one of which will be labelled correct), and an explanation. This currently uses three data types: Questions, Answers, Categories.

There is also a test page for practicing the questions which operates as follows. User selects category from drop down menu, group below matches content to dropdown selection and displays a question plus the answers.

Now for where I am stuck. Unfortunately, I am having a lot of difficulty working out how to get the page to display one question but to contain the information for the subsequent questions within this category so that on clicking the next question button it will work (without the entire page reloading). I have been trying with repeating groups but not much luck getting anything to work yet. If anyone has any insights, it would be hugely appreciated as I’ve been banging my head trying to get this to work for a couple of weeks now.

Thanks in advance.

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