Help with notification system

hello, i have an app where i want the back end to be notified when a new application is submitted

(IE. I Sign up on the app > Admin panel has a notification either icon or call to action banner saying there is a new sign up inquiry to check) Is there a way to do that in bubble?

i tried finding an answer in the forums, but couldn’t find anything close to what i was wanting to accomplish…

Thanks in advance!

I have an admin panel that tells me when a new user has signed up, and other statistics (no. of users, posts, etc) and the system sends me an email in response to specific events (say, when a user submits a feedback form).

What kind of notification are you looking for on the admin panel? In-app alert? Push notification? Email? All of these are possible. The second question is what do you want to trigger the notification?

It will be very helpful if you share pics of the workflow and front-end and explain exactly what should trigger the notification.

Also as a brief answer without knowing the specifics, you can create a data type which is set under privacy rules to be visible to admin only. Call it AdminNotif or something like that. Within that, define a text (NotificBody) and a user. When a user makes an application (after create a new thing in your workflow), you can make a new thing of type AdminNotif and set it based on the new application. On the admin dashboard, create an RG listing AdminNotifs.

Of course you can make this as complex as you want (mark it read, forward as email or push notification, banner/alert to admin, etc).

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