To do list + notifications

Hello folks,

First of all, let me present briefly my idea, which is to build an APP with informavite and reminding function related to user’s health. Actually, I’ve alrrady created the whole database in bubble. Furthermore, thanks of the help of this topic: 2024 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷 - #448 by hiphopf and all the cool people writhing there, my APP became native 2 months ago but since than I’ve got stuck :confused:

My bubble project will make sence only when the users, who add some tasks into their To-do list, receive notifications, outside the APP. Something like this:

  1. New task for 14/02/2021

  1. Phone notification on 14/02/2021, or the date before.

Any clue how can I reach my goal ? Should I use API workflow options or some plugin?

Your fresh ideas and good advises will help me to create this APP, that I belive will be very very helpful for everyone who using it.

Research the forum for onesignal and for notifications

Here an interesting read:


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