Help with Picture uploader

Hi Fellow Bubblers,

Need help with the picture uploader element.

I have a page using the built in picture uploader element. Upon button click i am storing the image and its url into a thing.

The issue is it takes time for the picture uploader to load the image on my page and by that time if submit button is clicked the thing is created with all other fields except the image and the url.

Any way around this?

If I wait for the image to show on my page and then submit it works correctly.

Btw, the image size is just 300kb.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Hello I would hide the submit button while picture uploader is loading.

Thank you but this does not seem an efficient apporach.
Showing and hiding elements with no indication to the end user how long it will take is not good. They user is left hanging while the image loads and it gives an impression app is not functional.

I am sure this is a common issue many users may have experienced.
Any suggestions anyone? A better approach or a better plugin for this use case?

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