Help with python integration


I am working on an app within bubble and would like to run some python scripts (using python libraries for ML/stats, so would prefer not doing local javascript). I need run the python script on multiple items (entire lists/columns) that I have stored in bubble DB, then return multiple items to store in the bubble DB (replace/concat).

I have tried Zapier, but it looks like I can only send 1 item (row value) at a time, so it doesnt fit my use case (I need multiple items, all at once, to run my scripts). I also chatted with bubble support who recommended Blockspring, Integromat, or Parabola. Looks like Blockspring is no longer active, and am investigating the other solutions. I am open to using AWS Lambda/Sagemaker, but not sure optimal approach for this.

Anyone else figure out a solution for using python scripts on multiple items in bubble? Any help would be great! Thanks so much!


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Hey! Did you get any solution for this? I’m in need too

A fast way to achieve this would be to use together with Flask (for API’s to and from Bubble).

Asynchronously call an AWS Lambda Python from a custom Bubble plugin. The Lambda then loads and processes the data from a Bubble API webhook. Once the results are processed post them back to another Bubble API webhook. We have this architecture running stably to integrate with legacy sFTP data sources.

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