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Help with QR Codes

Hey everyone! I’m using QRCodeScanner free plugin to scan QR codes. So far, I’m successful in getting the data that is encoded in the QR code. I’m trying to open the URL that is encoded in the QR code directly without any action from the user after scanning the QR code. I’ve tried implementing “Open an external website” Workflow but it didn’t help me. Any solution or workaround?
Thanks in advance

Just posted it on the original post for you here: Help with tracking QR codes - #8 by J805

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similar issue to yours. And needing a working prototype, i simply bypassed the scanner’s interpretation of the text string ( URL ) encoded in the QR. I did notice , that the black border on the plugin scanner aided url interpretation.
My workaround may not help you.

  • create the text/url string → URL path to eventually open from QR scan
  • pass the url/string to your implementation of createQR
  • load the image returned above into a bubble image widget
  • bind the .onClick to generic navigation in bubble as belo
  • use normal workflow for open another bubble page that listens for above click

NOTE - on the img of the QR, be sure to have narrow (3 px or so ) border of black to help the scan operation.

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