QR code stopped working

Hey everyone. For a few weeks now we’ve used the “Generate/Scan QR code” plugin, and although it seems a little slow it works for us. Well, until this morning…

Now it’s simply no longer loading QR codes. I didn’t change anything on our end, and I don’t see any updates on the plugin.

Any ideas?

I use this plugin and check that is working properly. Try to use just This url and remove format.

Unsure why it didn’t work anymore, but one thing that I now realised: we had gone from our free bubbleapp to the paid plan, and migrated the site to another URL.

I’ve been able to make a quick 'n dirty solution, but the original “This URL:formatted as URL” is still not working

Not sure what the underlying problem is, but luckily we were able to create another solution and we’ll also create a new workflow that no longer requires this