Help with "random color" plugin!

Can anyone help me with the “random color” plugin? How do I set a shape to the color it generates? Thanks!

Also took me a moment to figure it out.

  1. Pull the Random Colors element onto the page
  2. Set it to however many colors you want it to generate in its settings
  3. The element will actually not be visible on the page
  4. All color fields on the map now have a new option when you click “insert dynamic data”
  5. Set the dynamic data to “Random Colors” and either select the # of the random color you want it to show or set it to display a random one

If you want a shape to take the random colors you put the shapes on the page and let each shape dynamically pull the random color by its number. I.e. if you have three shapes, set the random color widget to “3” and then set the first shape to pull in random color #1 and so on.

There’s probably a smarter way to do this with a repeating group but I’ve just started with Bubble so what do I know? (not much :wink:

Hope this helps