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(HELP) With Responsive Feature

Hi there,

I’am stuck with the Responsive Beta function within Bubble. Everything works fine but there is a catch, i want to fill up the homepage with content but it doesn’t work unless i make the page width alot higher. For example:

On 1200px screens the browser looks filled up but on 1920x1080 screens you have alot of white areas that i can fillup.

Can you share a run mode link?

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So i’m not sure I understand the problem here. You’d want all the entries to be on one line if the screen is wide?

Nope not actually, well as you can see on a 1200px width it looks perfect but on larger screens i have alot of white space left, i want to fill that space with more content but i can’t add any more content on the editor since it is a 1200px wide page

Okay, we’re actually going to add a feature that will let you say “allow going to the previous line” which will solve this (next week I think). In the meantime, you can 1) design your page much wider (but it’s a pain I know) 2) use a repeating group as it’s the native behavior. 3) Wait :slight_smile:


Thanks alot! :slight_smile: