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{HELP} Show more elements when the page width is higher then 1200px

Hi Bubblers,

I have a question about the ‘Responsive Feature’ on Bubble. So for example when my page width is 1200px i can only fill it with content that will be 1200px, so now my question how can i add more content then 1200px width so when visitors screen can handle 1920px it shows more content? because it has a very large empty space.

For one of our apps, we started at the largest screensize we expected users to run on, then modified it down for every logical breakpoint after that. We know things need to look good at 1920, 1200, 1024, 768, so we made sure our responsive layout looked good at each of those widths.

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But the problem is when i’am editing in 1920px mode and for example a content block is 700 width i cant ùake it smaller when i’am wanting to change that for 1200px i don’t understand how i will fix this problem

Have you watched the 30 minute responsive training video?

Nope i didn’t can you send me a link please?

There’s actually a link in the responsive viewer, I’d check there