Help with Schedule API (adding results to a thing not working)

EDIT 1: So I was able to make it partially work. But it now only adds 1 payment to its project. Please, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

EDIT 2: It wasn’t really adding only one payment. But a random number lower than the amount it should be creating. So I experimented with adding an interval: image

Is this how it’s supposed to be set? I mean, how low of a interval can I input while making sure everything is added? Doesn’t look very good to me, as it can easily skip items…

Hi! The functionality I’m creating atm (for a CRM) is letting user to automatically add the payment plan for a service they’ve sold.

So let’s say they sell something for $3000, being $1000 as downpayment and the rest ins installments.

This part is working fine:

Problem is: the installments arent being added to the current project. Only the downpayment:

here’s how I’ve set up the make changes to a thing. Is this correct?


btw, the front end functionality is here:


EDIT: So I was able to make it get the correct project by adding it as a key and then sending the parent’s group project to it:

However only one payment (created in this endpoint) is being added:

Why is that?


Ok, so here’s my workaround, since the reliability of this whole Schedule API isn’t good.

I’ve created a custom event that searches for all payments with the cosntraint of project = This project:

Then I added a delay for triggering this event:

What do you guys think?

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