Trouble with Schedule API

Here is the Scenario

  1. A schedule api workflow at backend from a button click or event from front end works perfectly
    2)Schedule Api workflow from external triggers such as cronjob (configured months ago) works fine
    The problem is recently any external triggers (even from cronjob) does not work.The request comes through alright but the last bit where a data change should occur doesn’t.

Please what could be the cause

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What does your API logs say?

Maybe you’re calling the API workflow unauthorized, and privacy rules are preventing the change from happening

where do i check api logs

This is what im getting

I have currently removed all privacy rules but same results…About workflow unauthorized ,how do i go about that

You say

This makes it seem like you have an action with a conditional in your workflow that isn’t running. Just check that your conditional makes sense and that the Thing you’re changing is actually being loaded into the action (you can see in the logs for Make changes to a thing, if the Thing is empty you know it’s not worked)

Please there are no condiotions attached…I simply want to update users account balalce in my database after they have made payment through the NowPayment api…
I use the detect data on schedule api and I received initial json data. but there after nothing updates on my database

My Candid observation is that my external api no more creates new data.I created 3 more external api triggers but none works .But the old ones still functions

Not sure from your wording, but was the update to database setup using the API initialized response structure, and then the structure was redefined by another initialize? If so, it would explain the failure to update.

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