Help with shortening profile and post url's


Would someone be kind to help me with shortening the URL’s?

I am thinking to add; add unique username manually by user (as the platform already has 100+ registered users, so that could be used as for the path-link, but would like to hear if there are other options, and solutions for my case.

Thanks with regards, Toni

Hey @another :wave:

I hope I am understanding your question correctly.

Do you mean that you want to start using slugs? Like this: Using Page Slugs - Bubble Docs

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Hi Jason,

I think that’s it, will add manually and respectfully slug to 100+ users, and include user name in the profile creation, also option to change (slug-username) in the edit profile.

What happens to the posts, e.g. there we don’t have (normally) username type of value, rather as in the video, it’s used post title in this case, what you suggest as for in that case? E.g. what if there would be two same titles, will be the same url’s or will bubble add here “title-1”, “title-2”, etc?

Thanks! Btw, i saw your comments across the Bubble forum, great work! Is there something else I can do to share value to you, beside the Heart and market “post” solution?

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It will automatically add a title-1 title-2 for you so it is always unique. :blush:

Thanks for the kind words. You don’t really need to do anything. I’m happy to help. I have people book 1-on-1 sessions regularly with me which pays the bills. If you want to follow me on YouTube, that’s always helpful and doesn’t cost a thing. You don’t need to though. You’re too kind!


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

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Great! Will do that!

What about updating slug? It’s ok to create or update a slug when creating new thing, but how e.g. we can have an input at “edit user profile” to update user’s slug? (Including a “save changes” button, i.e. when user’s presses button to update the user information, to update the slug if the slug’s (input) value is changed).

Hope is possible somehow? :slight_smile:

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Done, it works; Button workflow > Set a thing’s slug …

Have thought that will not work as it’s not under “Make a changes to Current user” - without trying it first, sorry…

Hope I have done this for someone else and save some time in the entrepreneurial world, as we do at @conesult


So glad you got it working! :raised_hands: Thanks for sharing for other who might have the same issue. :blush:


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