Help with showing user/slug specific data

Hi all,

I can’t seem to figure this out. I can’t seem to get data with a specific slug to show.

A User of my app can create a form to send out to people, when they create this form it creates the form with a slug of the users business name. For example the user of app creates a form and the slug is /xyzbussinesname-1 then they create another it is /xyzbusinesname-2 and so on.

When the form is filled out it creates a data type with a slug from the forms url so form /xyzbusiness-1 when filled out the data set will have a slug of /xyzbusiness-1

I now want the user of the app to be able to view their forms filled out by people. I have tried creating a repeating group with the data source of slug contains current users business name which I thought would work but doesn’t seem to.

Struggled to explain that but anyone have any ideas?

For internally identifying or finding things I’d recommend using the unique id or using a reference via the DB (current user's business for example). This will also be better from a performance perspective.

The slug is best used only for display purposes and making urls human readable - mainly because it’s not a constant value like the unique id is.

It isn’t the current user or anyone logged into the app filling out the form so not sure how I would use current user to reference the database?

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