Help with using different data types and conditional settings

I need some help trying to get conditional settings to work on an element in a repeatable group.

Here’s a very basic example app:

The purpose of the app is to track “things” through approval, ordering, and delivery. The “Next Step” column tells the user what they need to do next. Each thing on the list also has a status associated to it which comes from a different data type called “Status”.

In the “Next Step” column I’m able to show what the next step is easily, but I also want to highlight that text green if it’s on track or Status = “1”, or red if it’s late or Status = “2”. However, it looks like I cannot do that since Status is a different data type. If Status was just a text or number field on the Thing data type and I entered 1 or 2 in for a value, it would work.

What’s the workaround for this if I want to continue using Status as a different data type? Thanks!

You almost have. Put in parents group status status is 1 then that should work for you.


Hope this gets you going.

@lester, Duh…that was easy. Thanks for looking at this.

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