[Hey NoCode] Finally a solid place to find NoCoders and list new projects

Hola NoCoders! :wave:

I have been frustrated in the past that there seems to be no solid platform for posting NoCode projects and finding NoCode devs skilled in a specific tool or stack. Our thesis is that this need is also only in its infancy at this point, as more tools are added to the market every day it seems like. :rocket:

I see posts in all the nocode-related forums all the time: “freelancer needed” / “developer needed” /“looking for help with this MVP”…etc.

Obviously there seems to be a gap here so we decided to create Hey NoCode (https://www.heynocode.co/) :rocket::brain::exploding_head:

Hey NoCode is the All-in-one solution when it comes to NoCode-related projects and the #1 destination to find and list incredible NoCode (rs) jobs & projects.

Think upwork meets behance meets a job board. We also leveraged our experience in HR/recruiting so pretty smooth flow with applications, video interviews, complete developer profiles etc!

Sign up for the waitlist! If the interest is strong enough, we will double down on the project. :writing_hand:

Let us know your thoughts :thought_balloon::bulb:

Cheers from Schweden :flag-se:


What part of this is Bubble? i always thought that a showcase was meant to showcase Bubble not Webflow.


The entire actual app is built on bubble!

We prefer webflow for websites tho, bc design.

But youre not showcasing the app…its a brochureware site asking people to go onto a wait list

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You’ve got a point. Will move post to #jobs-freelance instead!


Thank you and great job! I signed up to the waiting list and have given you a shout out on twitter. Good luck :+1:

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