Hide floating group condition?

Hi there,
I’d like to hide my right floating group “automatically” when I click on another tab in my left menu.

Example: if I’m on my contact-details page and I click, or back to my contact page or click to one of the tabs in my left menu, how do I hide my right floating group?

How can I do it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! Just use the Hide an element in the workflow action - Element | Bubble Docs

Or you can have a condition on your Floating group that sets the group to be visible only when you are on the contact page.

Condition: Get data from URL (v) is not contact-details
Visible: uncheck the box

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Okay, try setting a condition on the Floating group (FG);
*Uncheck visible on page load
*then a condition that’s making it visible when “contact page” is visible

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:pray:t3: :pray:t3: :pray:t3: thank you !!!

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