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How to hide elements when scrolling

I want to hide floating group (1) when I scroll. And make it visible by pressing a button in flotahing group number 2. floathing group number 2 should not be visible when floathing group 1 is.

Any suggestions?

You can use a conditional workflow to run when the page scroll position reaches a certain point. Then hide the elements from within that.

I think I have tried it, when i scroll back to the same scrolling position, it pops up again, before it disappears when i scroll further

That shouldn’t happen - it sounds like you’re using conditional formatting instead of a workflow to hide the element.

Without knowing what you’re doing I can’t give any specific help, but if you set your workflow up correctly it should be simple enough to achieve what you’ve described.

Feel free to share more info/screenshots etc. if you want more detailed guidance.