Hide/Show (idea)

When hiding or showing something, lets say you have 3 thing you need to hide and 2 thing you want to show you’ll have to hide/show each one separately. What if you could Hide - then select each thing you want to hide (so multiple selections to one command). This would speed up and clean up the workflow and if you have a lot of things on one page it would help with hiding/showing multiple things at once.

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Interesting idea, i’ll keep that in mind.

A better approach if you have to show/hide a lot of elements at once is to use a custom state and conditional formatting, to show / hide elements based on the value of that state. That way you only have one action, and that makes things quite clean.


another thing that would be great would be to add the “eye” icon to the Editor for unhidden items. sometimes i have to make something hidden to view something behind it and forget to unhide afterwords. I love how the hidden objects have the eye so i can turn them on and off without making them unhidden. wish i could do the same for everything.


That’s kinda how Sketch works and it is quite useful.


its solved , thanks