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Unhide/Show all Button

Hi there,

wouldn´t it be a great idea to implement a “Show all” Button in the Editor for visual elements?

Best regards

Can you elaborate? What do you want to show?

I´m talking about the elements tree in the editor:

It´s really time-consuming to show every element, when you need to work with the whole site. Why not include a Button that shows all the elements at once.

Best regards

The issue its going to be berry messy very quickly. Do we show the popups? Etc.

Ok but now the issue is just really really time consuming… I´d be thankfull for every solution because right now it´s really a pain to find the hidden windows expecially when most of the elements are hidden and show only in combination with several conditions.

Well before it was the same no? Has it become more painful?

No it is as painful as before :wink:

It’s better