Hiding all elements but one


I am trying to create a footer tab for a native app for mobile.

In the footer tab there are some buttons which are designated to show certain groups. Showing is not the case however is there a way to hide all visible elements no matter what with Hide Element action?

Thanks a lot in advance
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Hi there.

Are you looking to hide all visible elements on the page? I don’t believe there is any action in Bubble to hide all visible elements. You can, however, place all the elements within a larger group and simply hide the group. If you are unable to do this, you could create a custom workflow with a hide element action for every element you wish to hide. You can then call this custom workflow in a single action within any other workflow.

Does this help? Let me know if I’m not understanding the scenario correctly.

Best of luck.

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Or create a custom state and set conditions for every element you want to hide based on value of custom state?

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