Cannot find element to Hide in Repeating Group

Hi - I have a button in a repeating group (“do this action”). If selected, I show a popup to perform an action. After that action is performed, I want to hide that button element and replace it w/another button element (that’s currently not displayed on page load).

Prob is that when I go to select the two buttons (to hide and show), neither shows in the workflow dropdown w/other elements.

If I look for the elements after the popup displays, the elements are 'available to show/hide but I don’t want to show/hide there as the action may not necessarily be performed. Not sure why elements aren’t available to show/hide at next level down.

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use conditionals on the elements you want to show and hide…you simply change the is visible of the element based on the condition

Like “when popup is visible” this button is not visible

the issue is that when defining the Workflows, under ‘Element Actions’ / ‘Show’ - the buttons are not listed as an option to show…

I know…that is why I suggested the way to do it

Think I understand what you’re suggesting. However, I’d like to show/hide button based on a preceding action, ie when a user selects a ‘rating’ (not on a particular condition).

If the button elements were available to show/hide, I’d be all set but the ones I need don’t show w/i the particular workflow where the action happens. If I look at workflows a level up, the buttons are available to show/hide (but that’s not on the right action). Don’t understand why the buttons are not available in the Element Action drop down (a number of other buttons on the page are available).

There are always various ways to accomplish things. If my first suggestion isn’t working for you then you should use custom states.

Have a custom state to represent the value of the rating then when you have a workflow of the user selecting a rating, set the custom state in the same workflow, then have a conditional of the button to be visible or not visible based on the value of the custom state.

ok; thanks.
But still trying to understand why some of the buttons are not available to show/hide w/i the workflow.

Any idea on the reason why some elements w/i a workflow Element Action are available and others are not? It looks like virtually every element could be selected to show/hide except the ones I need. Just trying to understand the logic on this…

The ones that are not available are inside of a repeating group. It is at times very difficult to deal with things inside of a repeating group to respond to being shown / hidden…the work around is to set up custom states to trigger the conditionals on the elements themselves.

Worked through the ‘setting states’ approach you suggested. Got the two buttons to show/hide upon a rating being made - but prob now is that it’s doing across all cells in the repeating group, not just the current one.

I created a ‘comment-rated’ state of y/n on my rating popup.
Sets to no on page load
First button (now no longer visible on page load) conditional set to show on a ‘no’ so all good.
W/i a repeating group, when a rating is made, I set state to yes.
The other button has conditional to show on ‘yes’ so upon rating now shows appropriately w/the state getting set to yes.

Prob is that it occurs across the repeating group…ratings can be made w/i each cell in the repeating group but I only want to show the second button on the current cell.

Not sure if this is clear but hopefully you can get a sense of my quandary…

you can when setting conditionals use more than one conditional…for example - “when rating is selected and current cell’s thing is this thing”…something like that so basically the button you hide checks if the data type it is set to match ( the cell it is located in ) has had it’s rating selected or not.

After you enter the first conditional, select the more button and select “and” then add the other conditional…this means that both need to be met

The “or” selection means “when either of these two conditionals are met”

Think prob is not just that the think has had its rating selected or not - as a thing (ie a comment) can have multiple ratings (diff users can all give a rating).
What I’m trying to do is have it so a given user can rate a given comment only once.

Thus it’s not just is there a rating or not; it’s whether the current user (logged in or not) has given a rating on that particular cell.

Was trying not to have to add every userid that makes a rating to each comment…

You don’t need to

You just need to think through what you want the app to do and find the way to get it to do what you want. In this case:

Get creative with the custom states but also consider how you set up your database to store and track activity on things.

For example the comment is a thing in your data base and should be stored as a data type…that datatype can have a data field which is a list of users. That list of users can be set with the users who have rated the comment already. Then your conditional could be set to not even give the option to rate the comment if the current user is in the list of users who has commented.

Think through the issue, write it on paper…get more familiar with relational database structure and the use of conditionals and custom states and you’ll get it.

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