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Hiding an element by time of day

Is there currently any way to hide an element by time of day or even better store just a time variable?

For example a restaurant is open from 5pm - 10pm another restaurant is open from 6pm - 10pm the users time is currently 5:10pm so search results would exclude the restaurant with an opening time of 6pm as it is not yet 6pm from the user’s point of view.

Failing that id settle for just hiding the entire element until a certain time is reached.



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Yes you can do it making a table of exclusion in your database, and with condition inside each element. If you share a link, people can help you easier, and you progression is faster.

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to do exactly what ac340v is trying to do with Opening times and excluding them from results (depending on users current time).

Is there a link/walkthrough on how to save the data accordingly and how to create the various conditions in order to search?


Here is a demo to show how conditions impact on date/time pickers and also have a look at how the book button is impacted using conditions.

And some more examples here