Opening and closing times

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I want to allow my users to set opening and closing times. So I want to know what type of field I should set up, and how can I allow users to input time only, instead of date and time.

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The easiest way would be to have an input they can add their time, then do a search for that and display it.

Without being more specific there’s not much more I could tell you, sorry.

Hi @skylershelton

Thanks for your response bro!

Well, the function I need is in the of opening times for company pages on facebook. Where depending on the time, you reed: “Open now” Or the times of say when the business is open. Slice and grubhub use similar functions to let know customers when a business is open or closed.

So depending on the time only the customers can order or not. To have this data to work in conditional states (as when a shopping cart is visible or not according with the current time only, not date and time)

Hope I made myself clear.

Dates and times can be pretty confusing to work with depending on what you’re trying to achieve. I’m not really clear as to what you’re aiming at, apologies.

You can set a text element to display different text conditionally, so you could create a custom state and make a conditional statement to display “Closed” or “Open” based on that state.

Maybe if you show me an example of the UI you are trying to get to I can be of more help.



I did some date time demos on my demo pages. you can see these at;

(demo 1)
the part on the page that may be of interest is the “Set Caller Time” input, where it can be set from a button or manually entered. The editor link for that page is here:

and here:
(demo 2)

That may be a starting point for you.

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Hi @skylershelton

Thanks for the reply. I have been working on other features of the app.

Well, I am looking to allow users of my on demand food app to order food only while the restaurant is open. So I need to set times of open and closed.

Another feature I am looking to get is to charge an extra fee for deliveries after certain time(after 10PM for example), or in certain days, like weekends. Is it possible in bubble? and in so, how to achieve this functionality?

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Hi Dave! Thanks for your reply. I will check into this and get back to you

Have a great one!