Hiding members of an Option Set in a Dropdown

Well and truly falling into the Bubble rabbit hole now, and starting to try things I never planned on doing (aka getting cocky and complicating my life)…

I’m building a workflow/task management tool for internal use.

I have an Option Set defined for project status. It has two attributes, Display and Stage. Display is just the text description of the stage e.g. New, Started, Ready for Testing, Completed and Dead Project. Stage is a number, New = 1, Started =2, Ready = 3, Completed = 10 and Dead Project =1000.

In one of my app pages, I’m using the Option Set to populate a dropdown (standard single select).

What I would like to do is hide “Dead Project” from the list of options in the dropdown. I was originally thinking I should just be able to specify some sort of constraint like:

Choices style: Dynamic
Types of Choices: myOptionSet
Choices Source: any member of myOptionSet where stage <1000

But I don’t seem to have that kind of constraint option on Choice Sources.

How would I achieve this?

Also, more broadly, should I just be using a Data Type for status instead of an Option Set? What does an Option Set buy me that a regular Data Type doesn’t?

Thanks in advance for any input. Really appreciating this community’s willingness to help!

‘All myOptionSets:minus item Dead Project’

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Doh. I was making it much too complicated. Thank you!