How to use constraints in dropdown using option set?

I am using dropdown and its source is Role which contains Master admin, admin, employee and clients. But i want to only show two things admin and employee in that dropdown. So, how to dot it?

Use the “:minus item” operator.

Plenty of ways, here are a few ideas (in order of simplicity)…

  1. Get all options: minus item Master Admin

  2. Get an Option: Employee: converted to list: plus item Admin

  3. Get All Options: Filtered: this options Display <> Master Admin

  4. Add an attribute to the Option Set and use that to determine which Options to show

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It will work in case of data base also if its not option set @adamhholmes

Yes, but you need to use search constraints in stead of filters.

Its like that

Ok… but I’d definitely stick with an Option Set for this rather than using the database.

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Same here but its others project and they want like this

Not able to use constraints can you please describe more. Like in Choice source i use do a search for then in constraints Role= ?
I use item from#2 item until#2 it is correct way to do, its showing only option i need

Either way is fine…

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