Highlight a Cell that contains user's data


I’ve been using bubble for some days and I currently encounter a problem and didnt found a solution.
I’m currently building an app where users can “pick” terms from a list (it’s a kind of dating app, so terms are like : romantic, calm, lover…).

I have the following problem :

On Onboarding Pages, users can pick terms freely (and their choice is highlighted with a “set state” = selected, so users knows what they clicked on it.


When a user want to “modify” the selected terms from his profile, the cell’s obviously doesnt remember user’s choices when on onboarding.

Therefore, I would like to do the following:

When a user wants to modify the “terms” I want to highlight the cells that match the terms he got in his Database.

So If i choose “Lover, Calm” from the Onboarding, I would like to have those terms “Highlighted” when I come back on this page via “Modify”

I tried something like : “When Current Cell’s Loving Term is Current User Loving Term” THEN => Set State to “Highlight”

But I can’t success to have a working conditionnal on this, because “When Current Cell’s Loving Term is Current User Loving Term” doesnt seem to work.

I am using a RG to Display a List of Loving Terms (using a button)

Anyone encountered this problem ?

Thanks for help !

I think you are on the right track. But what do you do with the state highlight?
In the conditionnal tab of the element, You need to set the appeareance of what you want to highligth.
You can do the condition directly in this tab (When Current Cell’s Loving Term is Current User Loving Term”) and just, for example, change the background color to highlight

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Thanks for your reply !

Yes I know how to use custom states, the thing is it doesnt let me end the “Conditionnal Action”.

I mean, I didnt found any way to have “When Current Cell’s Loving Term is Current User Loving Term” in blue (it means it work) It always red, no matter which side I choose to make this action happen.

I tried from the Button’s Condition itself, and from the workflow page, like this "Do When this is True ; When Current Cell’s Loving Term is Current User Loving Term, then set state to “Selected” and state selected is “Blue Color”.)

I mean, is there anyway to have someting like that : When Current Cell’s Loving Term = Current User Loving Term, set state of Current Cell’s Loving Term to Selected.

And also, I do not understand why I can’t use the “Current Cell” when I select “Do when condition is true”

Thanks for your feedback :wink:

Don’t use it in the workflow but in the conditionnal tab of the element itself

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Do when condition is true cannot knwo which is the current cell. This is why it’s not available

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I succeed ! Thanks for your help ! :smiley:

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