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Highlight current cell of repeating group when clicked

How can I highlight the current cell of a repeating group when the cell is clicked?

I see no “current cell” option under the conditional tab.

I also looked into adding a shape in the background of the group to change color when it is clicked, but there is no “when clicked” in the conditional and in the workflow where there is a “when clicked” there is no option to change the element color.

How would you guys do this? Thanks a ton!

Hi @SlamDuncan !

  1. Create a custom state in your page called “Selected”, as Number.

  2. Place a group/shape as background of your RG cell. In it’s contitional tab create a condition to change its background color when your page state “Selected” = Current cell index.

  3. Create an action to change the page state “Selected” to the Current cell index when your group/shape is clicked.

This should work :+1:

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Hey @rpetribu ! Thanks so much! That helped… but led to another issue:

When I click the cell, it highlights like it should, then when I click another cell, it highlights too, but the other cell doesn’t change back to the original color.

I tried to solve this by creating a second condition on the shape where when the page state “Selected” IS NOT page index, it is the original color. This did not help. The clicked shapes stay the clicked color, even if they aren’t clicked.

It should change back to original color as soon as you select other cel…

Could you share your editor’s link??
Or some images of your configuration and workflows…

@rpetribu I think the issue must be I didn’t do #1 in your directions. I simply did #2 and #3.

Two questions:

  1. How do I create a ‘page state’? I created a state in my page conditional. But that state isn’t available in the RG.
  2. How do I share my editors link?

Thanks for the patience :slight_smile:

I made this for you… :grinning:


That worked @rpetribu ! You are awesome, thanks so much!

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