Highlighting words from customer DB... how to?

Hi. Super fresh to dev and bubble.
I’m looking for a tutorial for creating a box with text in - paragraph, sentence or essay; pasted or typed - and being able to highlight words which I have stored in two separate databases… so DB A has animals and DB B has vehicles - all predefined. But once the text is typed or written, I just wish for these particular words to be highlighted… Any tutorials on this? Or even improving my language…

Also. I cant see anything on planning. Planning what you want to build… im a marketer, all the success comes down to the quality of detail and clarity in the plan. I’d find this helpful…

Any suggestions would be welcome :slight_smile:


@christian3 can’t think any thing to highlight a specific word.
You can use the contain function within the conditional section to change formating on specific word.

Not low code but with a bit of JS and turning on html ID in objects you may get it with no problem.

Thanks @Clasicwebtools , I’ll look over this.

It doesn’t atm need to highlight, could be underline… or something to notify the match.

Thank you.

The plugin “Word Highlighter” seems to do what you’re looking for!

Ooo. Thanks! Will check it out.