Identify when text is highlighted

Hello All,

I’m wondering if I have the ability to allow the user to select (highlight) text in a multiple-input field and click a button to change the color of the highlighted text only.



I know this question is a few month away now, but I also have the same issue and really would appreciate a feedback on this.

Hi @banatoshintalo :slight_smile: Not 100% sure, but I think this is possible with the rich text input plugin:

@fayewatson Thank you for your feedback!
Yes I’ve just found this option. It’s really good so far, but cannot be customized properly (background color for example) and current one doesn’t really fit in my design. I would prefer building up the buttons for bold font, font color, font type…etc myself, but couldn’t found a solution for changing the details for a selected/highlighted text.

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I know some folks were talking about trying to crowdsource another plugin for text editing that might fit your needs better. What I don’t know…how far they got or if it ever got off the ground. There’s a thread around here talking about it, I know a lot of us would be glad to see a better designed text editor for our users!

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@banatoshintalo Ah, got it! As @potentialthings said, other Bubblers have had an interest in creating/sponsoring a new rich text editor plugin. :slight_smile: Here’s the thread incase you’re interested!

@fayewatson @potentialthings Thank you for your feedbacks, I’m going to check on mentioned topic!

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