HIPAA compiance with Bubble

I know Bubble is not HIPAA complaint and not providing BAA. However there should be some ways to develop HIPAA complaint SAAS with using Bubble. For example, using Azure or AWS, it may provide us BAA, however is it enough for HIPAA complaint? What other parts should be in HIPAA complaint? What is the development way to become HIPAA compliance with Bubble?


Take a look at the following topic, please:


You can not use Bubble. @neerja mentioned that earlier.

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I checked that topic before I wrote that question but there is no clear answer for how to do it. I mean there are clear answers that cannot be done with bubble but also there are some ways to do it. I just want to get a clear answer for possibilities to make hipaa complaint

You will need Hipaa compliant webhosting. From there you can build your software.

The number of spelling mistakes on that article, as well as outdated info (like talking about Skype when that is all but dead compared to Teams) makes it hard to take it seriously!