Hiring a Junior or Medior Developer for MOG Consultancy (Agency)

Hi All,

We are looking to hire a junior or medior Bubble Developer. You will be working fully remote for startups all over the world. Depending on your experience you will follow one or more courses. Next you will build an internal app, work with a senior on a project and, when everything goes well, work on your own projects.

Good English skills are required together with IT affinity and analytic thinking skills. Experience in Javascript, CSS and Python are a pre.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gerbert de Langen
MOG Consultancy B.V.


I am interested. Kindly check your dm.

I am an ERP developer on bubble.io so I can do anything on bubble.io
if you need any help let me know my hourly work price is only 10-15 $.
we will discuss the cost letter if you are interested to work with me
but I am happy to work with you so 1 hour I will work free for you
Thank you. :grinning:

Hi bubbledeveloper1,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve already found a suitable candidate. I’ll will contact you when a new position is available.

Best Regards,


ok sure if you need any help let me know thank you