Hiring a plugin developer


I am looking to hiring a plugin developer for a project I am working on.

What the plugin will be able to do:

  1. User uploads image

  2. Once image is uploaded; the plugin will auto mask the image and only keep relevant parts of the image (this must be able to be done consistently and accurately on the plugins end because each users uploaded image will be different but similar theme).

Similar idea to this image below how it has the original image at the top and the masked image of the walls.

  1. Plugin will then generate an aws link for originally uploaded image and masked image that I can then use to send elsewhere for api calls or various other tasks.

Please dm me if you interested AND are able to do this with reasonable speed.

We will pay well for your time.


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Hey @artistdata22 . You are in luck, lol. I can help you with this plugin ASAP. I just want to.know what determines the areas that get masked? What are the parameters?
Let’s talk better on telegram at t.me/codetech7 or boluaaron@gmail.com if you want.

Kind, regards, Aaron.

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Hey @incomdies just emailed.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hi,Texted you please check your messages