Hiring - Bubble Head of Content and Marketing at Flusk (remote)

Dream of shaping the future of the no-code? Join Flusk, the rising star in the Bubble.io ecosystem!

We’re Flusk, your future playground if you’re passionate about writing, creativity, and marketing.
We are on the lookout for a dynamic individual ready to dive into an adventure that is shaping the future of the no-code.

WHO WE ARE :rocket:

Flusk was born as a hub of services and tools for the Bubble.io community (hey there, entrepreneurs, developers, and agencies!). We’re all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within Bubble. Our range of services spans from security and performance audits to dedicated support for major companies, and even an all-in-one automated security tool.

At Flusk, we’re young at heart, super creative, and just daring enough to dream big. We’re stoked to have you on board with us!


Our company is growing and with the arrival of our new upcoming services, we need someone to help us boost our online presence. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Craft irresistible content like videos, tutorials, blog articles about no-code, agencies, development practices and processes, and all the latest news from Flusk.
  • Help us define our marketing editorial line and make it shine.
  • Be our social media guru and manage our Linkedin and Twitter pages by creating regular, engaging content.
  • Forge partnerships with other content creators to promote our services.
  • Flex your Bubble Forum muscles and establish a robust presence using our methods.
  • Plan and execute big marketing operations like event interventions, organizing competitions or challenges.

ABOUT YOU :star2:

  • Your English skills are top-notch, both in writing and speaking.
  • You’re a Bubble.io pro and a tech-enthusiast.
  • You’re a content creation whiz with a knack for marketing.
  • You love being autonomous, having room to breathe and space to work.
  • You’re not shy about sharing your ideas and vision.
  • If you know French, that’s a bonus but not a deal-breaker.


Let’s start things off part-time, with flexibility according to your availability. As a French-based company, we offer two types of contracts:

  • Contractor/freelance.
  • French employment contract (CDD/CDI).

Sound like a good fit? Drop us a line and let’s get this ball rolling! :rocket:

Check out the job offer here: Flusk hiring Head of Content & Marketing in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | LinkedIn

You can also apply at jobs@flusk.eu
Feel free to reply here if you have any questions.


Hello, I have a question. Am I correct in understanding that your website was built using Webflow.com, but you refer to yourself as the rising star within the Bubble.io ecosystem?



That’s perfectly fine as different nocode tools have their specialties. Webflow is better in landing page design and SEO but what matters is that the Bubble app is the one bringing in the dollars :slight_smile:


Indeed. I also think that a good Bubble developer should be able to recognize its weaknesses and let Bubble on the side when needed.


Of course, everything has room for improvement, and I believe that to truly shine in the bubble ecosystem, one might consider remaining within its realm to maintain a more accurate and current perspective.

If my previous statement came across as offensive, I sincerely apologize, as my intentions were far from causing any misunderstandings. I was simply trying to clarify what I perceived as an inconsistency.

It’s akin to bubble utilizing Webflow for its landing page and simultaneously suggesting that an adept bubble developer should be able to identify shortcomings and switch to a different system when needed.

To be consistent, I suggest either amending the claim from being specialized in the bubble ecosystem to being versatile in a no-code ecosystem, or genuinely embodying the original assertion.


Please list the expected salary for roles in your initial message. Thank you!

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Hi @nsykes
Salary is to be discussed regarding the person’s needs and skills!
We’re really open for the interviewees’ offers

What’s a ball-park range? $20/hr? $50/hr? $150/hr?

Really depends on the experience of the person. But we’re thinking between 20$ and 80$ per hour.

Hey @vnihoul77 just applied to the position via Linkedin. Let me know what do you think?

Hi @jayshankarpure
We’re going through the applications starting middle of the week.

We’ll let you know once we reviewed your profile!
Thanks for applying!