Hiring: Bubble SEO Consultant


We are seeking a skilled Bubble expert to conduct an SEO audit of our platform and provide recommendations for optimizing our app to improve indexing by Google.


  • Conduct a thorough audit of our platform built on Bubble to identify any technical SEO issues preventing pages from indexing by Google.
  • Analyze our website structure and content to identify opportunities for optimization, including keyword research, metadata optimization, and internal linking.
  • Provide recommendations for improving on-page and off-page SEO to increase visibility and rankings on Google.
  • Develop a comprehensive report outlining findings, recommendations, and an action plan for implementation.
  • Collaborate with our development team to ensure proper implementation of recommendations.


  • Strong knowledge and experience building in Bubble, including its features and limitations.
  • Experience in conducting SEO audits and implementing SEO best practices.
  • Understanding of technical SEO elements such as site structure, crawlability, and indexing.
  • Experience in optimizing large websites with dynamic content.


This is a short-term contract position. The project duration will depend on the scope of the audit and the consultant’s availability. We are open to negotiating a timeline that works for both parties.


We are willing to pay top dollar for quality work. Payment will be determined based on the consultant’s experience and the project’s scope (TBD).

Drop a line below or shoot me a DM.


Hello @mac2

Will be glad to assist you with your requirement.

Pm sent, please check


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Hello @mac2

I have several projects of experience in bubble, but definitely SEO is my strong part.

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