SEO - hiring a professional from Fiverr

Hello Bubblers,

I need help with improving my presence with SEO and I was wondering if I hire someone from Fiverr to do the job, what should I tell them or inform them of being that I use Bubble? Is it possible to get help from someone who doesn’t know what Bubble is? Do you think they will need some knowledge of Bubble. Or would it be a waste of time and money?

Thanks for any feedback?

My opinion holds no weight as I haven’t looked on Fiverr for SEO help on, nor am I an expert in SEO, or Bubble for that matter but you’d be way better off hiring somebody on here that’s an expert in SEO and or learn yourself there’s tons of stuff on here. I haven’t got to that stage yet so cannot offer any further advice.

I have used Fiverr several times and every single time the work was sub-standard but I cannot speak for all on there.

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Thanks for chiming in. I know it’s a risk hiring on Fiverr for quality work however, I think it would be the same on here. Now there are many people on Bubble who I’m sure could help me but their time is limited and/or their prices are outside of my budget. I know I could learn myself but me being a one man team it’s hard to do everything. At some point I have to hand things off to someone who can do it better and faster.

Agreed, I know that some of the gigs on there are super cheap, but you do get what you pay for often.

When I’ve launched I’ll be doing the same as yourself but I’ll be hiring a team one of which would be specialised in Bubble and SEO. It just makes more sense.

I’d give the team at Bubble an email and ask them what you should ask an SEO expert regarding’s code and whether it’s different to normal websites or if an SEO expert would need to do anything differently. If it makes no difference then definitely you can try a Fiverr seller for sure.

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That’s a great idea, I will definitely do that for sure. Thank you.

What exactly are you trying to do in your app to improve the SEO?

I have a blog template built to improve SEO

The concepts applied to the blog pages can be applied to other parts of an app as well such as product pages, event pages etc.

Feel free to send a PM to provide some more details of your project and aims and I can give you some tips on where to start on your own.

Happy to share my experience in here.

We have a simple food blog built on bubble and we do rank in the top 3 positions for a variety of keywords on Google.

Here’s a link to our blog if you’d like to take a look:

Moreover, I have shared some of my experiences in the post when we were featured on Bubble App of the Day -

I am a part time bubble freelancer, so happy to assist. I do have a fair bit of hands-on experience on SEO + Bubble, given that we are running this food blog for over 4 years now. There are of course some challenges due to the platform but I can assist to the best of what we can do.

Please DM me your app link and I can take a quick look. If required, we can setup a call to discuss further.


Thank you for chiming in. I’ve seen your blog before and it looks great! My project has been converted into a native app and I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I have three webpages (landing page, directory, user’s listing page) and multiple pages that are for the native portion of my app. I’m not sure how much that matters but I figured I should mention that.

I don’t think converting it to a native app would make significant difference, unless you have completely different things being shown on mobile version and the native app. You still have individual URL’s for various listings / pages in the native app too. Based on what you are describing, you would need to optimise the landing page, directory page and the individual listing’s page for SEO. The other pages might be user specific data like notifications, messages, create/update a listing, etc which won’t be relevant from an SEO perspective.

Few initial suggestions:

  1. I would say start by making sure each individual listing has basic properties like dynamic title, dynamic description, some text describing what that listing is, relevant images with alt text. Do the same for the landing and directory pages.
  2. If there is a structured data markup available for the listing type (like in our case it’s a recipe), implement it.
  3. Try to add internal links to listing pages, although not sure if this would interfere with the native app navigation. Might need some testing.
  4. Get external backlinks to your landing and directory pages with relevant keywords. External links to individual listings could also help as long as the listings are active long enough.
  5. Setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track and monitor progress.
  6. Optimise the bubble app for speed - use styles, optimise search queries, etc.

Hopefully, these initial pointers help. Apart from these, I’ll need to take a look at your app to see what else we could do to improve it.