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Hiring for a gig to dynamically change all texts fonts in a page (CSS + JS)

Hi all! At Upgraded, we’re looking to hire someone to help us dynamically change all text elements’ font in a specific Bubble page.

We’re building a SaaS product where our clients get to choose what font they’d like to use. We can do this via conditionals, but you can imagine how that would not be the best way to go ahead when dealing with tens or hundreds of elements. If you can help us, feel free to reach out here or via [email protected] (preferred). Please make sure to include in your message how much time this could take, the cost, and your relevant experience.

This could easily become a consultant-like relationship as we are continuously needing extra help so that our core team can focus on the main tasks at hand.

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With a CSS selector with a high enough specificity, you can just apply your font to every single element of the page. Something like that:
html body *{ font-family: sans-serif !important; }

All you have to do is replace the font-family value with the one chosen by your user and add a new <style> element with that content in your HTML.

So there you go. $0 cost. 2 minutes turnaround.

(It seemed very trivial, so it’s possible I missed something).