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How to change font using element ID


I am building an app where I would like to allow my users to pick their own fonts. Currently, I am managing that using conditions, but I am looking for a more efficient way.

How can we change the font of a text dynamically using HTML and the element Id of the text we want to change?

Hey there @maxime1,

You can probably write some code that looks something like this:

Id you’re setting: test

#test {
font-family: Open Sans;

Hi, @johnny. I’m trying to accomplish the same thing as well. Can you break down the steps to achieve this solution? Where do I add the HTML and element ID? I’d appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

Hi there @madia,

You need to first enable element ids in your app settings, but you can drop the HTML code into an HTML element.

Thanks! I’ve enabled the element ids and know where to drop the HTML. I’d like my user to choose from a list of google fonts, like in Bubble. How do I pull in that list into a dropdown so that the user can choose?