HIRING - Looking for a Junior/Intermediate Bubble Developer


I run an Australian based Bubble.io Development Agency that does work for clients globally! We are looking for a Junior/Intermediate Bubble developer to assist us with our pipeline of work. Skills you will need:

  • Experience with Bubble’s design tab
  • Experience integrating API’s with bubble
  • A passion to further develop your skills with Bubble.io and other Third Party Services (Like Stripe, OpenAI and many more)
  • Conversational English

What will help:

  • Any Javascript, HTML, CSS experience
  • Any plugin building experience
  • 3rd Party Experience
  • Figma Experience

You will get to experience a wide variety of projects and there is plenty of opportunity to learn from our other developers.

Please inbox me clearly referencing any experience/certifications you may have



Hello @adam30 . Dropped you a private message.

Hello @adam30. I dropped i direct message privately already. Looking forward to your response

Hello, I saw your advert on a new job position. I am a certified full-stack developer with no-code skills too. I have worked on some projects before which I can showcase. The projects are build with both code and no-code platforms. I would be very happy to share my portfolio with you. Thank you.

HI Adam, Addme on skype: sunny_verma83 I’m expert bubble developer working from last 6 years on it.

Hi @adam30 ,

I just started bubble 3 months ago shifting from a mechanical engineering background. Reading your post and going through your bio gives me hope and inspires me for the future. Hoping you find the right person soon!

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Hi, I just send you a DM.

Francois. B

Am interested

Stick with it, this skill has done a lot more for me than my engineering qualifications! good luck

Thanks a lot!

Hello, did you find a candidate for your position?